played by: kate mara
journal: michals
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writing: third, past, storybook
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ren michals

Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was a family. It was your average All American family- mom, dad, kid, dog. no more, no less. and for them it was perfect.

it was a chilly march day when katheine grace michals was born. like all of the oldest daughters of the women in her family- she was given the name katherine grace, but like most of them would never be called katherine. her mom was kate, her grandmother was kathy, her cousin was kit. it was the one tradition the women on the mcnamara side of the family took very seriously.

She was a lively baby, sometimes more baby than steve and kate were ready for. She did things early: teething, walking, talking. In retrospect, they both wondered if her need to talk to whoever would listen was a precursor to what was to come. kate and steve tried for a long time to have children before they were blessed with ren, so her high energy was a little troublesome at times.

Once school started, the lively spirit didn't dissipate. She was a talkative child, getting in trouble on far more than one occasion for speaking out of turn: most notably in kindergarten, when she informed the teacher that she "wasn't sent to school to sit in the corner, since Momma sent her to school to learn". Her reputation would precede her. She adjusted to school well- excelling in English, falling a little behind in Math. She was a popular girl, her friendly bubbly personality only helping in that.

like most girls, when high school came- so did love. her high school sweetheart was a guy named ryan. and she 'loved' him - as much as any sixteen year old can ever love someone. when he left for college, she swore she was off men forever- typical for the dramatic flair ren had come by. she went to college at northwestern- majoring in broadcast communications. and she loved it- she loved being on the radio, talking to the masses in any way she could. when college was done, she went to work for shadow traffic-doing the traffic reports for the clear channel stations in chicago. it was through her job at shadow traffic that she was able to make the move to new york city.

new york. alicia keys was right - it's where dreams were made. ren was overjoyed when shadow sent her to the city... so much that it wasn't even that bad when clear channel dissolved the shadow traffic unit. she did work at wfan doing news and traffic during the morning drive when the job at 92now came open. after a long audition process, she was chosen as the traffic girl for the afternoon drive show. after a year and a half of that, they've added her to the fill in roster. after all this time, ren's doing exactly what she wants- her life, her rules, her terms.
full name katherine grace michals nickname ren birth date and age march 1, 1984- 30 place of birth chicago, il current residence park slope, brooklyn, ny relationship status single occupation traffic reporter/fill in dj - 92now family steven michals (father)
kate bryant michals (mother)
kathy mcnamara bryant (grandmother)
frank bryant (grandfather)
-has been fascinated by the radio since she was a young child

-used to feel weird about being the only child to older parents

-considers the last guy he dated as the one that got away. thinks of him often and fondly.

-worries that she'll end up too demanding like her father.

- carries candy, granola bars, a notebook and a slew of colored pens everywhere

-loves travel, art, music, other creative people, drinks, hookah, drinks with extra ice, well made coffee, mexican food, being fun and funny

-drives a toyota prius c

-has realized that life is too short to give a fuck about most things - so she tries hard to take things as they go.