while the idea of growing up to become an astronaut and some day do her very own walk on the moon's surface seemed alluring at first, sabrina quinlan had already at a very young age decided what road she wanted to embark on. she was born in boston, massachusetts on january 13, 1988 and would go on to be the second of three children. her father and grandfather before him had been cops and sabrina idolized them both, having been a bit of a tomboy growing up and eventually wanting to go into the field herself. upon graduating from the winsor school she enrolled at boston university where she majored in criminal justice. her plans after she received her degree were to enter the police academy in hopes of securing a position as a police officer and one day becoming a homicide detective in due time. but the plans she had been so hellbent on throughout her life became more of an uncertainty as she began to explore other ventures, terrified of the real world and unsure of whether she had simply been setting herself up for failure all along. this lead her to a series of dead end retail jobs and a stint at starbucks, leaving her to wonder what became of the eager girl who never took no for an answer and made things happen one way or the other. she was 25 when her son was born, just getting out of a less than perfect relationship and overwhelmed with the thoughts then of having to be a single mother with only the support of her family.

after a series of unfortunate events and a long hard look at the life she had led up to then, sabrina realized some chances had to be taken and changes were to be made. with the help of her father and his connections she scored a job as a boston police department dispatcher. it wasn't exactly her dream job but it was a hell of a lot closer to it and it certainly wasn't starbucks. in addition it provided a steady and substantial income, much needed while living on her own with an infant. these days she's keen on making changes in her life for the better, accepting the things she simply cannot change, determined to be the best mother she can to her son and raise him well, working on maintaining a close relationship with her siblings who mean the world to her, and living her life one day at a time. she still resides in her hometown which she hasn't ever been away from for a considerable amount of time aside from vacations, ultimately not really planning on it leaving anytime soon. she resides in a downtown boston apartment with her son and her great dane, maximilian theodore quinlan.... max for short. though having grown up a bit tomboyishly and admiring all the men in her life, these days she's a shamelessly girly germaphobe, hopeless romantic, and loyal friend who very rarely leaves her home without at least lipstick and a few thousand coats of mascara on.