Scottie Quinlan
birth name SCOTTIE JAMES QUINLAN GOES BY SCOTTIE, OTTIE date of birth - age JUNE 23, 1995 - 19 hometown LONDON, UK current residence NEW YORK, NY (HELL'S KITCHEN) occupation SHAMPOO GIRL/ASSISTANT status SINGLE
in 1994 james quinlan left the united states en route to the uk for a getaway of sorts. his agenda didn't include all the touristy things like sight seeing and museum visits. born to first generation irish parents, though born in the united states and holding american citizenship, he had been in the uk several times and such things simply didn't interest him. his final stop on his trip of debauchery, careless sex, and drinking until blacking out was in london and it was there where the hellraiser would plant his feet firmly on the ground and begin a new and very different chapter in his life. it was at a london pub where james would meet emma callington and only three months later go on to marry her. he settled in to what would be his new life, emma announcing that she was pregnant only weeks after their spur of the moment courthouse wedding. with his savings and what he got from selling his belongings back in new york, james opened up an auto repair shop as a means to support his new family. it was all he knew, all he loved, and what he'd go on to do well into the future.

scottie james quinlan was born on june 23, 1995. an only child, scottie grew up with a great dane by the name of pony and the other kids in her neighborhood which she'd spend long days running up and down the streets with. from a young age the girl showed an interest in sneaking into her mother's room and experimenting with her makeup and hair tools. at the age of six she gave herself her first haircut, something that resulted in complete disaster and was fixed by her mother taking her to an actual hair salon for an even more dreadful bowl cut. that, however, didn't deter the little girl from her newfound love with beauty. it didn't take long for emma to have the child in just about every beauty pageant in london and the surrounding areas. during her time in the pageant circuit, scottie walked away with thousands of pounds and a ridiculous amount of titles. it wasn't until junior high that scottie would completely retire from the pageants as her family life was in a fast state of deterioration. the amount of money spent on scottie's pageants and the fact that the little girl seemed to steal most of her mother's attention were only a couple of the things that caused a strain in her parents' marriage. two days after her 11th birthday, it was announced to scottie that her parents would be getting a divorce and a year later she found herself living in a two bedroom apartment in london with her mom and dog. the divorce was something scottie would forever blame herself for, no matter who told her otherwise.

the dissolution of his marriage and subsequent divorce had concluded with james moving back to new york and establishing a new life and business there, this time focusing on repairing vintage motorcycles which had always been a hobby of his. it wasn't until the fall of her 14th birthday that scottie made the decision to live with her father in the united states. settling into a new country proved to be rather difficult for the girl who was more than used to life in london. she had on many occasions visited her father's side of the family in new york but living there was a completely different matter. everything from the weather to the people was different and this coupled with the divorce was entirely far too much on the girl's plate. as was usually the case, nothing could stop the girl from wishing her parents were still together and being rather miserable for the next few years of her life. once high school rolled around, the last thing on her mind was the divorce. it was something she had come to accept and with age and experience, she had begun to understand that those things just happened no matter who to. with a good group of supportive friends, high school wasn't the hell that it was for most people. it had been hard at first, getting used to a different system and the snickers that would sometimes come when she opened her mouth and spoke with an accent the other kids weren't used to hearing. but in time she was pretty popular, well liked, and never had the rebellious streak that most kids her age went through while in high school. the girl had never touched a drop of alcohol until her graduation party and didn't even begin to smoke until her time in beauty school. she was pretty straight laced during her younger years and not because she had any interest in being a good girl but because she just didn't care for any of those things.

knowing from a young age that she'd be a beautician or something of the sort, scottie enrolled at the aveda institute right out of high school and is currently a licensed beautician. she works at whistle salon in the east village, a shampoo girl and general salon slave while she garners experience and moves up the ladder. she shares an apartment, her portion of the rent paid by her dad, with one of her close friends who is a former classmate at the beauty school scottie attended. despite her decision to leave her mother in london and move across the pond to live with her dad, scottie's relationship with her mom is still super solid and they constantly speak on the phone and see one another every chance they get. it's possible that scottie will never stop believing that the divorce was her fault but it isn't something she any longer stays up and cries about. both james and emma have since remarried, giving the girl step-siblings to make up for the siblings she never had. life is looking up for scottie quinlan and she couldn't be any happier.

STORYLINES SAM: friend, works at her dad's shop
played by: GIGI HADID contact. threading, adult scenes or ftb. credit.