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It had been well over a month since the last time Reagan found herself sleeping in an empty bed and just as long since she regularly slept in her own. Most of her nights were spent down the hall of her apartment building, curled up in the arms of the neighbor who'd go on to be her boyfriend and in no time at all completely steal her heart. Her last relationship had lasted the better part of two years and she found herself blindsided when it ended, having been told things were getting too serious. They had shared a home, every intimate detail of their lives, aspirations, fears, and suddenly it was all too much. In the months after the breakup there had been a few rebounds, her way of coping with the anger and hurt, but she wasn't looking for anything more and wasn't sure she would be for a very long time.

Time would go on to make things more bearable but even the thought of casual dating just to get a grip on her social life again wasn't something Reagan even bothered to entertain. There were the calls from her mother, asking if she had met anyone yet and chalking her previous relationship to puppy love which she should get out of her system and move on from. Then there were the text messages from her father sent in jest, which always made her day, trying to set her up on dates with elderly men who had probably stormed the beach at Normandy. Her life then was dedicated to a job which was eating away at her slowly and a routine she had unwillingly settled into, then she met Hadley.

The first time she saw him was in the lobby and she was immediately taken by this stranger who with just a look made her heart flutter. She'd run into him time and time again; picking up her mail, in the elevator, and eventually in the hall where she'd go on to find out he was a lot closer to her than she thought. Looks, smiles, and greetings would eventually lead to them talking and not much longer after that into his apartment and bed. When it came to Hadley she allowed herself to jump in blind, guided only by the heart and knowing all too well even then that she had something good in front of her. As different as they could be they just worked, a strong sense of morals at the very center of it, and their ability to fully accept the other just the way they were.

Being neighbors was a major perk when it came to their relationship. Mornings where both of them had to head into work were made easy for either party as they could easily go down the hall right back to their own apartment and access their things before going on with their day. That morning goodbyes had been said and kisses had been given and Reagan was almost on her way out of his bedroom when she spotted the sunglasses on his dresser. A mischievous smile crept on her lips as she snagged them in plain view before putting them on. "These look so much better on me, don't you think?" Her question wasn't one to which she'd wait for an answer to as she skittered on out, biting back a laugh as Hadley yelled her name out behind her. Now they'd be added to the growing list of things she had "borrowed" from her boyfriend, t-shirts that smelled like him always being her favorite.

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