full name
Reagan Claire Callahan

date of birth
July 7, 1991 • 23

long island, ny

current residence
new york, ny • hell's kitchen

personal assistant


kinsey 2

Jack (father • 54), Christine (mother • 47), Evan (brother • 29), Declan (brother • 16)

Born in Long Island, New York as the middle child and only girl of three siblings, Reagan Callahan would go on to lead a fairly interesting childhood. Early on she had found a sort of admiration for her older brother who was given the task of looking after Reagan as they spent their days playing on the streets with the other neighborhood kids. Growing up a bit of a tomboy and following Max around even when the last thing he wanted was his little sister around when he hung out with his friends, she found an interest in all the things he did and much less so in the frilly dresses and dolls her mother tried to force on her. Her interests lay in street hockey with the boys, watching wrestling and consequently breaking her arm at the age of seven while recreating Eddie Guerrero's frog splash off the top of her dresser, and collecting books on Greek mythology.

When she was six the Callahan's welcomed their youngest child, Declan, and Reagan immediately took a liking to her new baby brother while Max found relief in the fact that he wasn't given yet another little sister. She'd go on to be super protective of Declan though having to be reminded repeatedly by her mother that the boy wasn't a play thing with how she'd spend her days with him up and down in tow, dressing him up and using him as her tester for whatever strange creations she threw together in the kitchen. In high school she was able to shake off her tomboyishness and grow into her femininity, finally wearing clothes that actually fit properly and even brushing her hair more than twice a week. For once she found herself actually crushing on boys, making female friends, and taking interest in things she hadn't cared for in the past. Joining the school newspaper and yearbook committee created a love for journalism in Reagan, one which she'd go on to pursue as a career.

By the time Reagan had graduated from high school Max had left Long Island for Manhattan and filled the girl's head with dreams of big city life. With no intention of staying in Long Island any longer, wanting to pursue her independence and be closer to her best friend, she saw her way out when it came time to apply for colleges. That fall she set out for New York City to attend NYU where she majored in journalism and would go on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree. Rather than accept an internship upon graduating she instead chose to work for the editor of a fashion magazine as a personal assistant. It might not have been the ideal way of going about starting her career but the experience and connections, all relating to her career of choice, have been worth it and inevitably useful in the future.

These days she resides in an apartment in Hell's Kitchen with her dog, Martini, and a roommate she barely sees. Family has always been of supreme importance to Reagan and while she's still very close to them she's enjoying this new chapter of her life out on her own. Always one for adventure and spontaneity she's taking in the experience, living her 20's to the fullest, and just winging it to see where life will take her.

❥ Middle child of three, the only girl between two brothers.
❥ Doesn't have her driver's license. Took the road test just once and failed it so she's given up on ever driving.
❥ Has a dog by the name of Martini Olive Callahan, though she mostly just goes by Martini.
❥ Used to be really into wrestling as a kid and now refuses to even acknowledge the very embarrasing topic. Even broke an arm while recreating an aerial move.
❥ Though she's certainly much more in touch with her femininity these days after growing up as a tomboy there's certain things that'll never change, like her extreme disdain for flowers.
❥ Very interested in marine life and on occasion escapes to the aquarium where she can watch the octopus and other sea life for hours. Might be slightly weird to anyone else but she finds it as fascinating as she does relaxing.

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